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Central Oregon Australian Shepherds

 “The pedigree indicates what the animal should be. Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be, but the performance indicates what the animal actually is.” -Author unknown- 


Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds beliefs & Philosophy's

Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds, formally known as Central Oregon Australian Shepherds is NOW located in Powell Butte, Oregon which is just 7 miles east of Redmond, Oregon on a small 10 acre farm. Both my husband John and myself Jennifer run our small farm together raising Australian Shepherds and training them ALL in the conformation arena "professionally," agility, obedience, stock dog training and having good ol' farm fun on our ranch doing various fun activities with our boys and girls.  We eventually plan to add a small bunch of Suffolk Sheep to our ranch as well for training our dogs to herd.   

I'm retired which allows me to spend full time with ALL of our dogs. Many dog fanciers take their sport a little to the extreme but we don't. We simply wish to have a great experience with our dogs and those around us. We believe It's all about having fun with the sport we love and surrounding ourselves with positive sportsmanship like dog fanciers who all share the same interest as we do. For we have learned, It does take time, devotion and compassion for the breed to seek victory through sweat, heartbreaks and tears. Many may feel that the various sports are all about winning but in reality it's all about having fun with your best friend or friends as in our case!

Both John and myself really enjoy the relationships we have with our pack while also gaining long lasting friendships with others as well, especially those who are welcoming the inspiring upcoming dog fanciers/breeders to the sport.  We love watching others grow as well as the growth within our own kennel. By focusing on interacting with our dogs, shows the quality of the dog within our  small kennel and their capabilities of having a fun active lifestyle with their owners. 

Although we are a newer inspiring breeder, we actually started our small kennel back in 2016 to take the time to find a mentor while also educating ourselves on the Breed  before deciding to jump in with both feet. We were fortunate enough to find mentors such as the Tri-Smith's to help guide us along. The Tri-Smith's have been so generous with their time and patient  by entrusting in us in helping us to make the right decisions while also knowing we really do have the bred at heart. We simply can't thank the Tri-Smiths enough for their advice and support over the years. In fact, since the Tri-Smiths are our mentors, our kennel would actually have a combined 37 + years of experience if one wants to get technical. 

Our first litter was on May 3, 2018 which was the WTCH Little Spot Smartly Painted RA DNA-VP "Smarty" produced by HOF Pat Lambeth of Little Spot Kennels and our IABCA Int'l CH Roxy Pierce "Roxy" (produced by Kylie McClain with Kyvette Aussies) that produced 9 beautiful healthy puppies. That same year we decided to have a repeat litter which that was on December 21, 2018 that produced 11 beautiful healthy puppies. This second litter we chose two pups for breeders pick because they were both equally nice, one male and one female. The males ASCA's registered name is Aspen Hills Landslides Snow Covered Hills "Charlie Boy" who we have added to our breeding program as well as our female Aspen Hills Devil Wears Prada "Prada" who we had simply added to our family for an extra herding dog. Both of these dogs will follow their Sire's footsteps into herding. More than likely, they will be send down to PSR for their training in following their mother Roxy. 

Roxy is currently pursuing her herding and agility titles. She will soon be heading off to PSR Stock Dogs sometime in 2019 while also training with Bend Agility Action Dogs (BAAD) of Bend, Oregon working on agility.

Our goals are to simply have fun with our pack which includes all of our new family members (Buyer Prospects) who we have added to our pack along the way. We strive to actively campaign our dogs by gaining their titles in the various sport arenas kicking it up a couple of notches in 2019/2020 as we strive for titles for our boys and girls. We feel confident in moving forward and hope that others will see our hearts are in it and that we are headed in the right direction. 

Our main goal with regards to producing quality Australian Shepherds is to produce a "Versatile Dog" by proving their overall performance in "Both" the show ring and the performance ring as well, more so a 75/25 split of show and stock dog lines while also focusing on "Brains, Beauty and Genetically Sound Aussies." 

  • We believe in NOT over populating the market with Australian Shepherds as we feel that would be considered a puppy mill and just because a breeder chooses to have several litters within their breeding program does not mean we dislike them, all it means is that we have different policies within our own kennel is all. Here at Aspen Hills, we only have about two litters per year while making sure we complete ALL Orthopedic Foundation of Animals Hip/Elbow evaluations after our boys and girls reach the age of 2 years before any breeding combinations take place as well as their full genetic panels completed by Paw Print Genetics, while also obtaining their annual eye exams through an eye Ophthalmologist every year.  
  • Our puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts ONLY!
  • We are looking for two different "Buyer Prospects." One who simply wants to add a companion to their family or one who is looking for a performance dog who essentially would be actively campaign our lines in any sport they choose e.g., Agility, Dock Diving, Stock Dog, Rally, Obedience etc. 
  • Please feel free to contact us anytime should you have any questions and or concerns. We would love to hear from you. 

Coming soon to our new farm!

The information on this website is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!

By reading or using this website, you understand and agree that your use of our website is entirely at your own risk and that any information within our website is not intended as a substitute for veterinary care. If you suspect your dog has any health issues, contact your veterinarian immediately. If you do not agree with our statement, please don't use our website. We also have the right to update our website at any time without notice. 

  • All photos on this website are NOT to be used without our permission!
  • Breeders will ALWAYS have the option of 1st puppy pick position with ALL of their litter while also having the right to approve or deny a buyer prospect for any reason without further explanation other than we simply don't think you would be a good fit for one of our puppies. If denied as a prospect, no further explanation will be given.  When we do update our site, we do provide a notation at the bottom of the page as to when the site was last updated. 
  • The Pierce's are strong supporters of the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics research by being part of the IDASH network providing them any potential genetic trait data from our kennel if we become aware of any in helping our breed for future generations. 
  • Please note that all of our puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract ONLY and our Buyer go through a vetting process for approval.   
  • We are also looking for performance homes for our puppies in earning their titles whether it be in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Conformation or simply acquiring their CGC Canine Good Citizenship Certificate.

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