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Central Oregon Australian Shepherds

Brains, Beauty & Genetically Sound Australian Shepherds!

Welcome to Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds. We are located in Powell Butte, Oregon just 7 miles east of Redmond, Oregon on a small 10 acre farm we call Aspen Hills. We are dog fanciers enjoying showing off our boys and girls in the conformation arena at various venues such as AKC (professional handlers we hire), ASCA and UKC. We recently decided to not breed within our kennel but if we do which would be on a rare occasion, it will only be to continue our Tri-Smith lines as these are the lines our family has fallen in love with. We are always priding ourselves with brains, beauty and genetically sound Australian Shepherds while also adhering to ASCA's breeding standards. 

Our small kennel focus's on the genetic testing of ALL the canines in our kennel including annual eye exams completed by an Ophthalmologist and obtaining (x-ray's) for any possible Hip Dysplasica (HD) or Elbow Dysplasia to then be sent off to the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) or Pennhipp for their observation and recording within their database. More than likely, we will probably end up going with Pennhip instead of OFA. Until then, you may go to their site at www.ofa.org anytime within their search field to review our dogs results by simply typing in their registered names for review. (Tri-Smith Paint The Town) and (Tri-Smith Lake Over In Georgia.) as these are the ONLY two dogs for now that we are pursuing for titles. We do have one more member to the family we are adding here soon so stay tuned!

For Buyers, it is good to know that (HD) is a disease commonly perceived to be a disorder of medium/ larger dogs like the Australian Shepherd. Even if both the Sire (father) or the Dam (mother) of your puppy is clear of (HD), this only means your puppy is highly unlikely to get the disease. It does not mean that they are 100% clear of the disease or that they will not get the disease at all. The best we can do as a responsible breeder is to monitor our boys and girls by teaming up with our partners at (OFA) and or Pennhip.  We really try to take every precaution we can when any mating combinations are discussed.

We would like to bring to the attention of any buyer thinking about purchasing a puppy from our kennel that many buyers have the color combination or eye color of the Aussie they have in mind well in advance as well as their sex, which is the classic mistake!  Buyers need to understand that pups are not made to order!  Stop shopping for a puppy and start shopping for a breeder! Breeders breed for different reasons and you have to think about if this breeder shares the same criteria as you do? Do you feel this breeder has the breed at heart and is honest and ethical? Do you think you can work with this breeder for the duration of your dogs life?  You want to pick a puppy that is going to fit your lifestyle and energy levels, NOT by choosing it's coat, sex or eye color. You can certainly let us know what you would prefer, but just know that this is NOT the best way in picking out your puppy. Entrusting your breeder to select the right dog out of the litter for you is in the best interest for you, your family and most importantly the puppy!    

When we do have a litter which again will be vary rare, you will be able to visit our kennel when puppies reach 4 weeks of age with our through sanitation process in protecting the puppies because at this stage they are very vulnerable. This way you can see, feel, touch, smell  which will give you a better sense of how different each puppy is as their little personalities will start to come out. If you are unable to visit them at that time, no worries as we will have weekly videos on our "Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds" Facebook page, simply search for it on Facebook and ask to be joined so that we can get you all up to speed on what's happening. The Facebook page is private to only our Buyers, Mentors, Trainers, and Professional Handlers who we have contact with on a day by day basis. This will allow you to follow and watch them grow before your eyes before they head off to their forever home with you.

The puppies will be ready to head home at 9 weeks of age and will of had their first series of three vaccines, the DHPP which is the puppy vaccinations. After you take your puppy home, you will need to get their second and third set of vaccines. Note, that the puppy is actually not really fully protected until they have had ALL of the three sets of vaccinations which need to be done in 3-4 week intervals and it won't officially take into affect until months later.  Please contact your Veterinarian about this for further information. 

Microchips will be done at this time as well and recorded through Home Again or a similar company if not Home Again. You will be required to take your puppy to your veterinarian within 72 hours after you receive your puppy from us (Delivery Date) for it's overall health check and will be expected to have this appointment made well ahead of schedule before you come to pick up your puppy. 

We DO NOT SHIP puppies! You will need to pick up your puppy at our kennel or we can meet you at the Redmond, Oregon airport.


Breeder prospects purchasing on a "Co-Ownership" contract must actively campaign the dog in pursuit of its ASCA / UKC Championship of the following areas of activity for any possible breeding rights. We basically would have to know you pretty well to consider you as we have the upmost respect for the lines we have been so graciously entrusted in.

Agility-RS-O or RV-O or RJ-O, Obedience-CDX or ODX, Tracking-TD, Conformation-CH or ALT-CH or Rally-RM.

In general, the focus and goal of our kennel besides priding ourselves with brains, beauty, and genetically sound Australian Shepherds while also adhering to ASCA's breeding standards is producing sound moving dogs with exceptional temperament and structure. 

Our main boy Graffiti is already a United Kennel Club (UKC) champion heading towards his Grand Championship and is also an International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) Champion as well. He is also major pointed with the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) which we plan to finish him off there as well, to then pursue his championship with the American Kennel Club (ACK).

Our focus is for our boys to prove their overall performance capabilities in the show ring to pursue their titles as this is the lifestyle both my husband and I love to do together. with our pack. 

On another note, we are currently breaking ground in building a small facility to offer doggy daycare, boarding, grooming services as well as a self grooming station where anyone can come in and give their pup (s) a bath for $25 bucks. Stay tuned for more information and images on our exciting news here to come in 2020.

We will be here to answer any questions you have or for any support you may need at anytime. Purchasing one of our puppies, we consider you family. Welcome to our pack!