Brains, Beauty & Genetically Sound Australian Shepherds!

Welcome to Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds. We are located in Powell Butte, Oregon just 7 miles east of Redmond, Oregon on a small 10 acre farm we call Aspen Hills. We are small Australian Shepherd Hobby Breeders" priding ourselves with brains, beauty and genetically sound Australian Shepherds while also adhering to ASCA's breeding standards.

Our small kennel focus's on the genetic testing of ALL the canines in our kennel including annual eye exams completed by an Ophthalmologist and obtaining (x-ray's) for any possible Hip Dysplasica (HD) or Elbow Dysplasia to then be sent off to the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) for their observation and recording within their database. You may go to their site at anytime to review our dogs results by simply typing in their registered names for review.

For Buyers, it is good to know that (HD) is a disease commonly perceived to be a disorder of medium/ larger dogs like the Australian Shepherd. Even if both the Sire (father) or the Dam (mother) of your puppy is clear of (HD), this only means your puppy is highly unlikely to get the disease. It does not mean that they are 100% clear of the disease or that they will not get the disease at all. The best we can do as a responsible breeder is to monitor our boys and girls by teaming up with our partners at (OFA). 

The foundation of our kennel will begin with WTCH Little Spot Smartly Painted "Smarty" and IABCA CH Roxy Pierce DNA-VP Litters (there were only two). Their very first themed litter was called "The Black Tri Affair" whelped May 3, 2018 and their last litter whelped December 21, 2018 themed "The Great Pharoah's" litter was their last and final litter. As a newer aspiring breeder, we will be able to identify our lines natural traits over time. We bred for us and we loved how both litters came out. Any litter we have including the Smarty and Roxy cross will only be sold on Limited-Spayed/Neutered Contracts. The Smarty and Roxy litter will be ASCA registered only and are considered our performance Agility dogs as they are considered stock dog lines! Breeder pick which is Aspen Hills Landslides Snow Covered Hills "Charlie Boy" will continue these lines as he will be following his fathers footsteps towards his herding titles by training with Dawna Sims down at PSR.

We recently purchased our 10 acre home out in Powell Butte, Oregon to give our dogs the lifestyle they need, which was room to run. We will soon offer dog boarding and rally classes here at our farm for some good ol family fun so stay tuned for updates. 

We would like to bring to the attention of any buyer thinking about purchasing a puppy from our kennel that many buyers have the color combination or eye color of the Aussie they have in mind in advance.  You would be surprised that this is really NOT the way to pick out your puppy. You want to pick a puppy that is going to fit your lifestyle and energy levels, NOT by choosing it's coat or eye color. You can certainly let us know what you would prefer, but just know that this is NOT the best way in picking out your puppy.  Because of this however, people do choose this way which we know price our puppies according to their color markings and eye color. 

Here at our kennel, when puppies reach 4 weeks of age, you will be invited in our home to visit all of the puppies so that you can get a better sense of how different each one is as their personalities will start to come out. If you are unable to visit them at that time, no worries as we will have weekly videos on our "Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds" Facebook page, simply search for it on Facebook and ask to be joined if you have already submitted your puppy application in to us in getting you all up to speed on what's happening. The Facebook page is private to only our Buyers who purchase from our kennel. This will allow you to follow and watch them grow before your eyes before they head off to their forever home with you.


Breeders purchasing on a "Co-Ownership" contract must actively campaign the dog in pursuit of its ASCA Championship of the following areas of activity for any possible breeding rights. We basically would have to know you pretty well.

Agility-RS-O or RV-O or RJ-O, Obedience-CDX or ODX, Tracking-TD, Stockdog-ATDd, OTDs, OTDc, Conformation-CH or ALT-CH or Rally-RM.

The puppies will be ready to head home at 9 weeks of age and will of had their first set of a series of three vaccines, the DHPP which is the puppy vaccinations. After you take your puppy home, you will need to get their second and third set of vaccines. Note, that the puppy is actually not really fully protected until they have had ALL of the three sets of vaccinations which need to be done in 3-4 week intervals and it won't officially take into affect until months later.  Please contact your Veterinarian about this for further information. 

Their microchips will be done at this time as well and recorded through Home Again or similar company if not Home Again. You will be required to take your puppy to your veterinarian within 72 hours after you receive your puppy from us for it's overall health check and will be expected to have this pre-planned well in advance before you come to pick up your puppy. 

If the puppy is going out of state and will be traveling by air or by a professional carrier, we will get the health check done for you which will be valid for only 10 days. 

If you plan to drive to our kennel and pick up your puppy, then a health check won't be needed as you will be getting your puppy evaluated by your Veterinarian within 72 hours after taking the puppy from our kennel. Please follow your Veterinarians recommendations at that time. 

In general, the focus and goal of our kennel besides priding ourselves with brains, beauty, and genetically sound Australian Shepherds while also adhering to ASCA's breeding standards and proper sportsmanship, is to also focus on temperament and structure of each dog. We also feel it is important in titling our dogs as well. Titling our dogs shows their overall performance abilities, gives them a lifestyle they love and showing their bid-ability, and it's fun!

We are currently breaking ground in 2019 to building a small facility to offer doggy daycare and boarding services for our community, so stay tuned for more information and images on our exciting news!

We will be here to answer any questions you have or for any support you may need at anytime. Purchasing one of our puppies, we consider you family. Welcome to our pack!