We do not fly puppies internationally!

 Delta ensures your puppy's travel will be safe with their personalized service pet care every step of your puppy's journey.
As your Breeder, we will offer   

Enhanced GPS

You will get GPS tracking for the best transparency during shipping. According to Delta, the GPS features:

  1. Temperature monitoring
  2.  Light detection
  3.  Humidity readings
  4.  Real-time location tracking also provide you access to GPS on demand, real time tracking of your puppy."  When the plan is up in the air however, the GPS will not work. It is only when it takes off and lands that it is tracked. 

       We do however prefer that you fly here to pick up your puppy and then fly back home with your puppy instead of the puppy flying by itself, your choice. The closest airport to our location is the Redmond Airport.
If you're one who is still hesitant about the travels of your puppy this way, according to Puppy Spot........

"Injury, loss or death are extremely uncommon in pet air travel.

Most pet-related travel incidents are related to pets who already had a medical condition, or were traveling in a crate that did not meet the airline's requirements. Millions of pets travel safely in airplane cargo compartments each year."   

Central Oregon Australian Shepherds is exempt from Federal Regulations as we do not have more than 5 breeding females in our small kennel. What this means is that we are able to ship our puppies site unseen. 

How we prepare your pup for flight

We follow the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) entering your state.

If you're interested as to what your state require us to do with your new bundle of joy, simply click on the link below and then scroll down to where it says "Travel with your pet state to state" (Interstate,) select from the drop down box your state that your puppy will be going to. This is what we follow as to selling puppies out of our state. 

USDA Requirements in pet travel out of our state