Scheduled Litter Coming Summer 2020

We are excited for our girl IABCA CH Tri-Smith Lake Over In Georgia "Towanda" as it has taken a bit of time for her to grow up which is okay. She wanted to be a puppy for the first two + years of her life which we allowed her to do. After entering her into the conformation arena at the 2019 Nationals in Bakerfield where she showed well, we now feel we can move forward with her Championship with ASCA. Her CGC will be earned in March of 2020 as her trainer says she will be ready. She will also be on tour along side her father Graffiti with their professional handler Ashley McClure in earning their ASCA championships together. 

We have found the Sire to this litter!

Reserving-Deposits-Applications & Our Beliefs

Completing the puppy application. This is step 1

We do require you to complete a puppy application so that we can determine if the Australian Shepherd is the right type of dog for you and that you're the right fit for the breed. We are the puppies only voice in helping to insure you both are the right fit for each other.  

Once you have submitted your online application, we will contact you within 48 hours. Your application will be reviewed and you will be able to ask any questions at that time. If you have submitted your application during the weekend, we will call you on Wednesday.  

Puppies sold are on Spay/Neuter Contracts, so no breeding rights unless the puppy is going to a show home, where it may be a possibility. Approval for a show home puppy will have a vetting process where not only ourselves here at Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds will make final decisions but our mentors and other breeders which with whom we have relationships with. 

  • We simply breed for brains, beauty and genetically sound Australian Shepherds while also following ASCA's Breed Standards!
  • We breed for ourselves and are NOT here to supply puppies that the market demands! We breed for us, it's as simple as that!

Anytime you see that we have a litter that has become available, it's only when we are continuing our lines "for us" not because we are here to make money on selling puppies, there is a BIG difference! The foundation to our lines are the Tri-Smith lines. Any crossings that take place through a dog that we bred "thereafter" will be our foundation lines. Since it is not possible for us to keep ALL of the puppies, the rest of them will be made available to the public for a pet companion home on strict spay/neuter contract.  

Here at Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds we are in the beginning stages of starting the foundation to our kennel through the Tri-Smith lines. A well established seasoned breeder who's been around the block or two who's been dedicated to this breed for over 40+ years. We respect and honor them as they have entrusted us with their lines . They have been our main supporters who still to this day mentor us.

Tri-Smith Lake Over In Georgia "Towanda" has found the "Sire" to produce her first litter. We plan to make an official announcement as we get closer to that date. Tentative timing will be summer of 2020. Once we can confirm pregnancy, we will make an official announcement which of course includes the sire's information as well. We do already have a Non-Refundable retainer deposit down on this scheduled litter already. Others are on a waiting list but have not yet committed to placing their deposit down yet but are interested.

Reserving a puppy and how this works?

It is advisable to place a Non-Refundable retainer deposit on a planned litter to guarantee your puppy pick position because if you don't, then your name merely gets placed on a waiting list that tells the Breeder you are interested but not ready to fully commit. Those who place their deposit down are commited and want their puppy pick position secured. These deposits determine the puppy pick positions in the order we receive these deposits. 

Anytime a "Non-Refundable" retainer deposit has been placed on an unborn puppy we have pre-planned for the future, it means that the "retainer deposit" is NON-refundable in that you're placing this deposit on a puppy to secure your puppy pick position on what ever particular litter you're seeking that we have available. (E.g., #1 puppy pick position ALWAYS goes to the Breeder). The Breeder does also have the option in holding back 2 puppies for their breeder pick (s). This is because there are times where a Breeder is analyzing two puppies that both surpass the cut for best puppy within the litter . Later, after the breeder has had enough time to watch them grow, is when the other puppy will become available (the one who did not make breeders cut.)

Puppy pick positions are place in the order we receive the "Non-Refundable" retainer deposit in the amount of between ($300 (pet home)*$500 (show home). If you're one who has placed their "Non-Refundable" retainer deposit down and would like to request the puppy that did not make final breeders cut, you can certainly do so but realize that puppy will be older and ask your breeder if they think this particular puppy would be a good fit for you, your family and lifestyle.  It is always advisable to allow your breeder to pick the puppy out for you as they will know exactly what you're looking for based on your submitted application. Remember, your breeder is with your puppy all the time and knows each of their little personalities and dominance's etc. (E.g., not everyone is a hiker.) A hiker would normally want an Aussie that is full of energy. Each puppies energy levels can be different. Some dogs who have high levels of energy and dominance's may not be suitable for certain families. There are lots of factors to consider here. Some may not be able to handle that much of a dog.) 

It's really up to you but just know that it is a higher risk for a returned puppy for breeders because the puppy you choose does not fit your lifestyle because you chose to pick a puppy based on it's gender or color combo. You will be much happier if you allow the breeder to choose your puppy for you. 

It is stated in our contract, if you don't want the puppy anymore and want another one, you are required to give this puppy back to it's breeder! Depending on when we will have another litter, you will be placed on the list (Priorety of those who have submitted their Non-Refundable" retainer deposit) for another puppy at a later date. What date you ask? Well, again we don't know the answer to that question as we are not in the market to sell puppies based on market demands or ones financial gains, we breed for us! But just to give you a general idea, we will have a litter at least every year to year in a half. 

If you choose to not take our advise and do NOT get the gender or color combo you were looking for with the litter you have chosen, your "Non-Refundable" retainer deposit will be forward to our next litter. If you don't want to wait because you can't or don't want to, then know that you will loose your "Non-Refundable" retainer deposit. You see, we are here to help educate you in making the right choices for your puppy purchase. A puppy is a life long time commitment and it's our family. We are the puppies only voice and we want to make certain that the right fit is in the best interest for the both of you!  We are not here to take our money, we just simply want you to be serious with your decision as I'm sure your time is as valuable as our time. You will be much happier in the long run making the right choice for you!

We have the right to refuse or approve any potential pet home buyer prospect or show home buyer prospect we see fit for any reason! Which may be that "we simply do not think you're the right fit, sorry." 

If for reasons other than our pups fault that they do not sell or are returned by buyers who did not choose wisley, we keep our boys and girls here on our farm and treat them and train them as our own until we have find the right home for them in the future. So pre-judging a breeder by the amount of dogs they currently have is unsympathetic.

Genetic Panel Testing for our breed

We do full genetic panels through Paw Print Genetics. Each dog within our site should have a big blue "Paw Print Genetics" logo to click on for viewing their test results on each dogs page.

Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA)

The completed hip and elbow evaluation results for our dogs within our kennel can be found by heading over to and typing in our dogs registered names within their search field (orange area). E.g., Tri Smith Lake Over In Georgia and Tri Smith Paint The Town.

Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER)

As a "Buyer Prospect" it is good to know that your breeder who you may be very well vetting yourself, has good ethical practices in evaluation the dogs within their kennel for any possible eye diseases. We have our dogs examined annually so we are able to make good breeding decisions within our kennel based on any mating compatibility we foresee in the future.  Both Tri-Smith's Paint The Town "Graffiti" and Tri-Smith's Lake Over In Georgia "Towanda" both recently had their eyes examined and cleared 12/2019. Copies of their (CAER) results are available upon request!

We are dog Fanciers who are in this for the long haul!

Since January 2014, learning through "Trials & Error's" and putting ourselves out there we have learned a lot! Both John and I are looking forward to a new fresh start and foundation while looking forward to announcing our newest addition to our family Mr. Sir Benson who is a black tri male who we have been keeping secret for a while now. His nickname is Chunk a Munk....LOL because he is a big solid heavy boy, the biggest in his litter! He comes from respected showy lines and is so adsorbs! Ashley McClure will be getting to know this "Big Boy" here soon as she will be his professional handler for the AKC shows. 

Our Beliefs!

A Breeder, such as ourselves who desires to breed for the better by doing ALL of the basic tests AND who regularly practices ASCA's Standards standards (which everyone has their own perception or version of breed standards by the way) cost's money. There is no money to be made when it comes to breeding responsibly with this breed "IF" one is breeding responsibly! It is actually an expensive hobby both my husband and I got ourselves into but fell in love with the breed immediately. It also involves titling our dogs as well which proves their overall performance and temperament evaluations which is what we have been doing with our dogs all along. 

Imaged below - Tri-Smith Paint The Town "Graffiti" is a UKC/IABCA Champion who is also ASCA major pointed. In 2020 he seeks to achieve his Championship with ASCA through the help of his professional handler Ashley McClure and to gain his Grand Championship with UKC through his owner "Jennifer Pierce" as well as his Canine Good Citizenship (CGC). 

To start out the New Years - You can watch our boy Graffiti at the "Rose City Classics" Dog Show located at the Portland Expo Center. It's one of the biggest dogs show, so don't miss it! We have decided to push forward with his AKC Championship through his professional handler Ashley McClure. Graffiti placed in two of his classes at this venue. We are so very proud of him and grateful for having Ashley as part of our team! Plan to see more of Graffiti in the future as he is officially on tour.

Team Griff!

Graffiti is Towanda's father!