Reserve a planned litter


Anytime a "Non-Refundable" reservation deposit has been placed on an unborn puppy we have pre-planed for the future, it means that it is non refundable in that you're reserving your puppy pick position on that particular litter to secure your spot. (E.g., #2 puppy pick position) as Breeder always gets #1 puppy pick position. Puppy pick positions are place in the order we receive the "Non-Refundable" deposit of $200. If, you do not get the gender or color combo you were looking for with the litter you have chosen, your "Non-Refundable" reservation deposit will be forward to our next litter. If you choose to look elsewhere for a puppy because you don't want to wait for another litter to happen within our kennel, you will loose your "Non-Refundable" reservation deposit. There are no guarantees that you will get the color combo or gender you wish to have as we do not have a crystal ball to predict the future.  

We do require you to complete a puppy application so that we can determine if the Australian Shepherd is the right type of dog for you and that you're the right fit for the Breed! We are the puppies only voice in helping to insure you both are the right fit for each other.  This is your 1st step!

Once you have submitted your online application, we will contact you within 48 hours. Your application will be reviewed and you will be able to ask any questions upon our call to you at that time. 

Puppies sold are on Spay/Neuter Contracts, so no breeding rights unless the puppy is going to a show home where it may be a possibility. Approval for this type of situation will have a vetting process where not only ourselves here at Aspen Hills Australian Shepherds but other Breeders or Mentors we have relationships with who have entrusted us with their lines that are part of our breeding program will essentially be a part of the overall approval and vetting process as well all do to our respect for them.

We have the right to refuse or approve any potential pet home buyer prospect or show home buyer prospect we see fit for any reason! 

If for reasons other than our pups fault that they do not sell, we keep our boys and girls here on our farm and treat them and train them as our own until they have found the right home for them.

Reserve your puppy now!

$1350 each per puppy!

Breeders 1st pick

Sharon C. 2nd pick

Cindy P. 3rd pick $500 received

Sydnee M. 4th pick

5th pick Available

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