Graffiti finishing up his Championship with ASCA

Our goal for 2020 with Graffiti is to finish up pursuing his Championship with ASCA while also attempting at his Grand Championship and his Gemstones titles with UKC. Since he earned his IABCA Championship as well, he technically will be a 3 time champion once he earns his Championship with ASCA. 


UKC & IABCA Champion

*Owner: Jennifer Pierce *Bred by: Brandon, Talena & Mekenna Smith *OFA/CAER Eyes: Cleared 12/12/19 *Registry: AKC/ASCA/UKC

Griffiti's Genetic Testing Results


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Through the OFA's website database, you're able to review any dogs hip and or elbow evaluations simply by typing in their registration name in the orange "Look Up" section on their site. To review Graffiti's, simply click below and it will take you directly to his testing results within their web-page/database. 

Mr. Sir Benson "below" coming home February 29, 2020!